We have invested in the correct Large Format tools to solve the problem of moving our clients large format tiles to and from cutting warehouses. This mitigates the risk of breakages and poor cutting finishes due to the lack of care when cutting tiles. We want to solve this problem by cutting the tiles on-site using portable water cutting technology which dust free. Cutting tiles on-site will also ensure a quick turn-around ensuring a seamless and opulent finish.
In Addition, tile handling systems are required to clad large format tiles onto floors and wall. Tiles should never be handled by tilers hands only, but it is essential that at least 8 suction cups along with the support bars be used when moving tiles.
Large Format tiles are mostly 6-8 mm thick in depth and will break if incorrectly handled, costing you as the client. 
For an opulent and seamless finish, the correct tile cutting process must be administered in the preparation phase of any large format tile installation.
At LUXTILE, we possess the correct tooling, and our professional staff are highly trained and experienced in tiling Large Format tiles up to 3200 x 1600 x 6mm  tiles. 


The use of the Raimondi Easy Move is critical for the handling and installation of large format tiling. Tiles are typically delivered to site on either an A frame, or crated system and has to be moved from the storage area to the working area, and the Easy Move is the safest and easiest way to carry these large slabs. The use of crossbars is recommended for any tiles wider than 1200mm, as you will need the additional support to ensure the tile does not bow, which can cause cracks and breakage.
The ease of operation from storage area to the working area, and then to install on the floor or wall is done with 4 people on a 3200 x 1600mm tile with a 5mm thickness. The adjustable frame makes it easy to support, carry and install any tiles from 1000 mm to 3200 mm. Small details often overlooked is the safety aspect of carrying these large format tiles, but with the use of the Raimondi Easy Move it is far safer than without it’s help.
Adjustments on the handles and rubber support helps with wall tile installation to ensure the slabs are not pushing on the floor, which may lead to cracks and breakage. Overall, the Easy Move is a safe and reliable system to use for handling and installing large format tiles and slabs.


The value of the Raimondi CAM ADV Large Format Cart is a necessity in the process of large format tooling, as the CAM ADV trolley is used for temporary storage and moving of material, and in conjunction with the Easy Move will make back buttering of the tile quick and easy before transporting to the area where you are laying the tile.


The Raimondi Raizor Large Format Cutting System consists of two cutting rails, a cutter and a optional cutting off pliers. The total length when combined is 3.32m which enables easy cutting of large format tiles and slabs, especially when using the Raimondi Modular Workbench. The Raimondi Raizor features suction cups embedded in the rail to secure it for easy usage of the system when cutting. The Raizor is used for cutting of all materials up to 10mm thick, with a typical snap and score system when used with the cutting-off pliers.
Accuracy is one of the key features of the Raimondi Raizor and various types of cuts can be achieved, from straight to offset, even triangular offsets when setting the cutter correctly! All of this makes the Raizor an essential tool when working with large format.


The Raimondi Volpino Electric Tile Beater and the Raimondi Rubber Tile Beater are tools to be used in combination with laying large format tiles and slabs. The Raimondi Volpino is used for pressing out air in the installation on walls where air is present between the tile, tile cement and sub-structure.
The various vibration sequences used on the Volpino assures that all air is pressed out in this process. Flooring installations make use of the Tile beater used from the centre of the slab outwards to achieve the same results to press out air as needed in this type of installation. When the back buttering is done and the floor or wall buttering is done the tile cement overlaps to ensure good coverage but air is trapped between the two layers and that is where the Volpino and Tile beater does it’s magic. It is truly a small but much needed tool for using on large format tiling.

RAIMONDI POWER RAIZOR for 45°/90°/180° cuts

The Raimondo Power Raizer is a multi-angle cutting unit with angle grinder to be used in combination to the RAIZOR cutting guide. Cuts from 45° to 180° angle. 
Tilting movement with plunge cut to adjust the cutting depth making cuts in multiple passes and is imperative for seamless and straight 45 degree corner cutting. Semi-universal attachment compatible with most brands for angle grinder. 
The Power RAIZOR is available with semi-universal attachment but the grinder provided is 110v. 60Hz and the motor of 720W. Turbo 5″ diamond disc for dry use only with a clutch hose for dust extraction.The Power grinder can perform cutout, angle cuts and bull-nose. Angles 45°/90°/180° and 30°/47°/70°. 90° cutting angle, upright position can make cuts using the 5″ Mesh blade (DBPROM5). Bull-nose can be achieved with this machine. 
Many different cuts at different angles can be achieved with the Power Raizor. From 45°/90°/180° to 30°/47°/70°.The Power Raizor can be tilted to a full 180° to perform a ½ bullnose with our shaping wheel.


Raimondi Modular Work Bench is a variable length working surface perfect for working with large format tiles up to 3200 mm. 
This lightweight aluminum frame can be easy moved and transported and has a modular design to increase the working surface for even larger materials. 
With a few simple adjustments, the workbench top can vary from a minimum of 100 cm (3.3′) to 150 cm (5′) with intermediate steps Lightweight anodized aluminum frame are easily movable for variable widths and configurations Legs move with the width of the working table to maintain optimal stability and strength For larger work surfaces, hardware is provides to attach to another Raimondi Work Bench Plus Wide aluminum profiles allow for use with an angle grinder and diamond blade or diamond hole saw without effecting the work surface


A large format tile, for example sized 3000mm x15000mm, once positioned is hard to move in order to bring it closer to an adjacent slab properly. This is what the Raimondi Closer is made for. It is the perfect device to mechanically adjust slabs with ease!
The Raimondi Closer Device enables tilers to close the gap between tiles when fitting them on walls and floors.  To line up big tiles/slabs is not an easy task, especially when they have back buttering and the dimension of the slab is up to 3 meters.
One or two CLOSERs can easily adjust the position of the slabs by adjusting the special knob once the pair of triple suction cups have been appied and the suction activated.
The Closer is best used in combination with RLS levelling system.


The is no better device to perform large diameter circular cuts on large format tiles using the score and snap system. Used for round tables, rounded corners for archways, and tile circles for columns and pillars. It is now possible to perform centered, and off centered holes, in relation to the position of the suction cup which holds the KOMPASS to the slab. Centered holds dimension: min. Ø 22 cm (8 5/8”), max. Ø 100 cm (39 3/8”). Off-centered hole dimension: min. Ø 32 cm (12 5/8”), max. Ø 100 cm (39 3/8”).
Diamond scoring wheel Ø 16 mm with pin and bearings with a metric/imperial ruler with pointer showing hole diameter.
To complete the processing of the hole is almost always necessary to perform slicing with an angle grinder and removing the cloves afterwards.
It is possible to perform a full circular hole, a semicircular hole, and ¼ of circle, rounding the corner of the slab.