Large Format Tiles and Slabs Installation 

Large Format tiles or slabs are in high demand in South Africa, but there is limited skills and or the right tools to meet the demand for a quality installation.
The dimension of a Large Format Tile ranges from 1.2m x 1.2m and above.
We believe that our customers deserve a highly skilled tile installer using the best innovative and cutting-edge tools to ensure a quality and seamless finish. We are the most specialized tile contractor in South Africa.
We understand that high-end tiles such as large format slabs require the best expertise, experience, innovative,  cutting tools and frames to ensure a successful top-end opulent finish. We install large format tiles.

Our Guarantee

  • Fair & honest pricing
  • 1-Year workmanship guarantee
  • 10-Year guarantee on Mapei Adhesives
  • Higher than industry standards in Large Format installations
LUXTILE is founded by a highly qualified team who are experienced tile artisans and project managers with a focus on Large tile formats. We have invested heavily in the correct tools imported from Italy, and with our management team we are confident that we will meet the high standards expected of our customers with their specialized tile designs. Our area of specialty is:


Large Format Tile installation for Bathroom, Kitchen, Fire place, walls, floor and specialized such as Tables.
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Slider 1
Bathroom - MIrage Norr 2.0
Mirage 6
Florim 3
Slider 2 Mirage Slider 1 Bathroom - MIrage Norr 2.0 Mirage 6 Florim 3 v7


Tile installation for Exterior and Interior: Bathroom, Kitchen, Boardroom including tables and office reception areas.
Florim 2
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Mirage 1
Mirage 5
florim 02_magnum_focus
table tops mirage
front desk office
Florim 2 slide 1 Mirage 1 Mirage 5 florim 02_magnum_focus table tops mirage front desk office

Steps involved in our Installations:

1.Site measurements and advice
2.Quotation with measurements 
3.Tile selection and advice
4.Delivery of Tiles
5.Woodwork (if required)
6.Check surfaces and preparation
7.Tile cutting on Raimondi bench with specialized tools
8. Place tile on specialised A-Frame with suction cups
9. Ensure correct adhesive for Large Format. Back-butter tile and surface
9.Tile placement to surface with Raimondi suction cups and frames
10. Level tile and vibrate for air pockets
11. Next day Grouting
12. Silicon Sealant
13. After Service Repair Work such as drilling holes

Specialized Frames and Tools Large Format

Large Format tile installations require specific tools and frames to ensure a successful installation. Once the tile is laid down, the slab cannot be lifted up again, therefore it is imperative that the tile is cut to the correct size before laying onto the adhesive. Cutting procedures require large frames to correctly measure and cut the tile. 
Large frame
Cutter tool
new 4
new 7
new 1
new 2
new 3
new 6


Large Format Tiles and Slabs

We will source the best range of Large Format tiles of all styles, sizes and formats of ceramics and porcelains from the leading retail and wholesale supplier in Europe. Large Format tiles and slabs come in a variety of sizes, but more common being the following formats: 
1200 x 1200 x 9mm
1200 x 2400 x 9mm
1200 x 2780 x 6mm
1600 x 1600 x 6mm
1600 x 3200 x 6mm

The weight of large format tiles exceed 32kg’s per tile. It is therefore imperative that the best tile adhesive and resin are utilized during the large format tile installation. At LUXTILE we ensure all our customers use the best quality adhesives to ensure a quality lasting effect.


We recommend only the finest adhesives for large format tiles, affordable but tested and proved. Mapei is an Italian company with a proven track record and supplies over 75% of Europe’s tile adhesives. 


m-mpj0436-5000-jpg 201908128_mapei_adesilex_p4_20kg_3d metropolia-2-jpg 201830989_mapei_keracolor-ff_r_20kg_3d