At LUXTILE, we specialize in Large Format tile and slab installations in the home, office or shop. 
We have an experienced team with decades of tiling experience who will ensure a quality and seamless finish.  Large format tiles consist of any tile dimension that exceeds 1.2m x 1.2m in dimension. High end large format tiles range in dimensions of 1.2m to 3.6m x 6mm thick. 
Large format porcelain tiles cover a larger area, and require fewer gaps and breaks (grout lines and expansion joints, which are often overlooked) that create the illusion of a monolithic, seamless finish. 
The larger the tiles, the fewer the number of gaps or breaks in the porcelain covering. For many people, this is considered to be an advantage and is highly appreciated by architects and clients. As technicians, we should be asking ourselves: do we use the same installation system for large format tiles as the one used for small to medium size tiles? Are there any particular precautions we need to take?


Movement and handling: particularly large tiles are usually handled and moved around on site using suction cups and rigid support frames. These all help to stop tiles bending too much, which could lead to them cracking or even breaking. Handling large tiles also requires a proper number of operators and tools.
The substrate to which large format tiles are bonded, particularly when using thinner tiles, must be perfectly flat. This requirement is applicable for the installation of floor and wall tiles in general, but it becomes even more critical when installing large format and slim ceramic tiles or stone slabs. If the installation surface is too uneven, it could ruin the appearance of the finished covering or lead to cracking or breaking.
It is worth remembering that substrates on which Large porcelain tiles are to be bonded should be levelled off with a proper skimming or levelling compound, and one should never just rely on the adhesive. 

Correct adhesives must be applied to allow movement between the tile and the substrate.
Movement joints are essential. 

Our Guarantee

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  • 10-Year guarantee on Mapei Adhesives
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